If there has been no change in your life, there has been no Christ your life.

Instead of speaking of your unaswered prayers, why not speak of your unprayed answers?

Prayer is the dynamite of God's power being detonated by our words.

Satan can do us no real harm. His power lies in deceiving us to harm ourselves.

The secret place of the Most High is the prayer closet of the most lowly.

There is no such thing as great men: just a God who is able to use men greatly.

It's not the pastor's job to make you like the Word of God. It's the pastor's job to help you understand the Word of God. How you feel about it and what you do are up to you.

A faith that can not do anything with you cannot do anything for you.

There are only two kinds of churches. The Spirited-filled churches that excommunicate sin or the sin-filled churches that excommunicate the Spirit.

Your problems don't have to go away for your stress to.

The only evidence that you EVER surrendered to Christ is that you ARE surrendered.

Life is God's classroom. Problems are God's assignments. How you respond will determine your grade.

If love can't be the cure, it can surely be the comfort.

Grace is God working in you, through you, and for you to accomplish His will.

All problems look big standing alone. It's when you stand them beside Christ that they come into prospective.

Character is doctrine put into practice.

It is not the quantity of your faith but the quality of the God you have faith in.

Be careful that earth's trinkets aren't keeping you from heaven's riches.

If you believe as you should, you will live as you should.

Man will never accomplish with force what God does not give in grace.

Faith is when we see the reality of what all ready exists in the mind of God.

God is too big to be shoved into our thimble of doubt.

The odds are greater that one belonging to the world would pretend to be saved than one belonging to God would pretend to be of this world.

For everything we have faith in, we must have the Word from God for.

Dedication is the difference between just knowing the will of God and doing it.

Some take their prison and make it a mission field while others take their mission field and make it a prison.

Death is the proof of sin and sin is the proof that we need a Savior!

God owns everything, but He only manages the things you allow.

Only when we completely die to self are we able to completely live for Him.

I prove my love for God by loving you. You prove your love for God by loving me.

Patience is not just waiting. It is waiting without anxiety and frustration.

Sin is like a spider's web. It's easier to avoid than to get out of once in it.

One does not have to act like a wolf to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

You can have the strength of God or the stress of life but not both.

Evil people did not mean to do well and fail; they meant to do wrong and succeeded.

Preachers get their words from God, but their platform comes from their testimony.

Just as a lost person's religion cannot please God without Christ, so a saved person's religion cannot please God without the Holy Spirit.

If you get God's presence, you'll get God's power, God's peace, God's provision, and God's purpose.

It is no more trouble for God to fix what you think you did wrong than it is for God to fix what you think you did right.

If the Bible is not 100% true, it is 100% untrustworthy.

Obedience may come by the force of the leader but submission is always the gift of the follower.

Salvation is never concerned with how sick the sinners is, but with how mighty the Savior is!

To take Jesus as Savior is to take Him also as your Lord, and to reject Jesus as your Lord is to reject Jesus as your Savior.

Pastor Carl D. Hall