Even though I was not raised in a  Christian home, as a child growing up in  Alabama, our family did visit the  Baptist church on occasion. Even so, my  first experience with the gospel was not  until I was around twelve years old.  A  friend shared the gospel with me as we  were playing.  Though no fault of my  friend, I prayed an unrepentant prayer  that day. Although I was baptized,  attended church, and had the appearance  of a Christian to my family and friends,  it would be four more years before I  realized my true condition and  surrendered to Christ.                     
Because I was a lost church member, I  understand how serious the danger is.   The missing ingredient in my life was  repentance.  Although I did not want to  go to hell, I had not surrendered control  of my life to Christ.  All I really wanted  was hell insurance. 
As a result of my empty prayer, I was in  bondage to sin.  While this sometimes  bothered me, I was helpless.  After a  long period of wondering why I could  not do what I knew I should, the Lord  spoke to my heart and asked, "If you  were My child, wouldn't you want to do  what I wanted?"  From that moment, I  knew I was lost, but I still wanted  control of my life.  God was gracious to  deal with my rebellious spirit.  I  remember well the night I slipped out of  my bed and prayed, "God, I will do  whatever you want me to do." 
Kathy Denise Sherrill and I were  married in 1975.  God blessed us with  six children, three of whom are married  and have given us twelve grandchildren  (Dec., 2014).  I was called to preach the  same year Kathy and I were married, at  the age of eighteen.  Before that year  was over, we had moved to Chattanooga  where I attended Tennessee Temple  University.   
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We made a few stops along the way, but  in February of 1986, God led us to the  Green Pond Baptist Church, where I  have pastored ever since.                 
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17
If there has been no change in your life, there's been no Christ in your life. - Pastor Carl D. Hall
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This website was created so that I can   share with  others a  few of the  nuggets   God  has given to me.  I pray that you  will be blessed and helped. 
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