Heb 11:24-27
Being A Godly Man

Moses was a man. He was a man who knew wealth and poverty, power and
oppression, Gentile life and Jewish life, working add being served,
family and separation. Few men know what is to go through the
extremes that Moses went through in his life. Yet, Moses was a man of
God. A man who loved God, served God, chose to obey God. That is the
kind of man I want to be. It is the kind of man I have wanted to be
my whole life.

Thinking about Moses, I began to ask myself the question, "What does
it take to be a godly man?"  The answer seemed to come to me as a
phrase.  I began to look up the phrase "He…." then a verb.  I
figured a man is not what he says as much as what he does.

I. He believed.
    A This verse speaks of Abraham.  He was a man who believed God
       and God counted him righteous because of his faith in God.
    B. This is where being a godly man begins, by believing God.
        1. To believe God so much that you seek Him out through His
        2. To believe God so much that you are changed by what He has
        3. To believe in God so much that you serve Him.
    C. This is saving faith.  That is why once Abraham believed so,
        God counted him as righteous.
        1. We are never saved by our goodness or our works.
         2. We are saved by our faith in God’s goodness and that He
            will do a work in us.
    D. A godly man certainly believes.

II. A godly man endures.
    A. This is what is said of Moses.  He endured.
    B. That means that no matter what came up against Moses, he did
        not quit on God.
        1. Life is no more easier for the godly than the godless.
        2. The only difference is that the godly man does not have
            the consequences of his carnal life to come back upon
        3. Yet, save that area—and it is a large one—all the
            problems that come into the life of the godless come upon
            the godly.
            a. They age, get sick, get fired, have tragedies, lose
                loved ones,
            b. Last night, I went to a prayer service where Brother
                and Mrs. Tim Tingle gave some testimony.
                (1) It was April 30, 2014, that she had her first
                     grandma seizure.
                (2) They rushed her to the hospital but could find
                     nothing.  They told her she did not have a
                     seizure.  It was something else.
                (3) A few days later, she had another.  She was
                     admitted to the hospital for an MRI.  She coded
                     while having another seizure during the MRI.
                (4) The doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor.
                     They went in to cut out and found it was a fatal
                     tumor and gave her 12 months to live.  They
                     removed what they could, put her on radiation,
                     Chemo, then six more months of Chemo to try to
                     keep it from returning.
                (5) Last month, the doctor said it was back.  She
                     will start the process all over again in a few
                (6) The Tindles are good, godly people.  I have known
                     him probably 20 years.  Yet, this.  Why?  Mrs.
                     Tindle said her answer was, "Why not?’  We are
                     no different from anyone else.  We are saved and
                     children of God but we still live in a sin-
                     cursed world.
    C. Godly men, the question is not whether you will have problems
        or not, you will.  The question is whether you will endure
        or not.  God men will.  The ungodly may not.

III. A godly man fights.
    A. This term was used of several of the kings of Israel.
        1. It is sad, but a man will have to fight for certain
        2. By fight, I do not necessarily mean with fists and guns,
            but a godly man will have to stand up to defend, to
            protect, and to advance righteousness.
    B. Taking a stand for righteousness is where our faith and walk
        meet.  A man who says he loves God and will not fight (stand)
        is no godly man.
        1. He may have knowledge but he is not using it.
        2. He may have truth but he is not defending it.
        3. He may have a relationship with God but he is not living
    C. It does not matter as much what you say, claim, and swear to.
        If you will not fight for God, you a problem and not part of
        the cure.

IV. A godly man cries.
    A. As there are different kinds of fighting, so there are
        different kinds of crying.
        1. There is the crying with tears and the crying out to God.
        2. Then there is the crying that we chose to do and the
            crying that is forced upon us.
        3. I believe the godly man will do all four.
    B. I believe the godly man will have a heart tender enough to
        shed a tear.
        1. The Palmist said that he that goeth forth with weeping
            shall return with sheaves with him.
        2. The Bible also commands us to weep with those that weep.
        3. A man cannot be godly if he cannot share a tear.
    C. And I believe a godly man will cry out to the Lord.
        1. This is what the godly do.
        2. They seek God’s intervention in this world.
        3. Going to get God is what makes the godly godly!
        4. Somebody needs to go get God right now!  There is sin on
            every hand and evil has gained the dominance.
    D. Then comes the issue of whether this crying is forced on us or
        whether we chose to participate in it.
        1. The godly will not wait until adversity forces him to God.
        2. He will certainly go when forced, but the godly chooses to
            see God out.

V. A godly man dies.
    A. The term was, "He died."
        1. It happens to the saved and the lost, the rich and the
            poor, the godly and the ungodly.
        2. The term was used dozens of times through the Old and New
        3. Like all men face hardships, so all men face death.
        4. Again, the question is not will you.  The question is will
            you face it like a godly man?
    B. How does a godly man face death?
        1. Having served God, not self.
            a. Every human being must make a choice and most do it
                early in life (although it is never too late to
                change your mind!)
            b. Those three things that one does to begin his walk
                with God (believe God enough to seek Him, to obey
                Him, to serve Him) are not just what a godly man did.
                It is what He does!
        2. The other choice is to live for self.
            a. You may spend all of your time for yourself, for your
                job, for your family—how you use your life is not
                what is important.
            b. The fact that you made the choice what you would do
                with your life is what is important.
            c. By the way, godly men look after their families and
                jobs better than the ungodly—just in different ways.
    C. It might sound morbid but the best thing a person can do is to
        go spend a few weeks living at a funeral home or a hospital.
        1. You will find out death comes to all - no age limits, no
            warnings, no exemptions.
        2. Really seeing that truth up close and personal might be
            just what some need to help them make the choice to be
            godly men.

Only one life, Twill soon be past.
Only what is done for Christ will last.

Are you a godly man?

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