Luke 22:19
I Remember

There are several Bible passages that speak of about the Lord's 
Supper.  We can find truths given in those passages, but I can only
recall one command that is given.  The one command is whenever we 
celebrate the Lord through this ordinance, remember Him.

Tonight, I remember.

I Remember...
   1. A Joy Fulfilled

Lu 22:15  And he said unto them, With desire I 
have desired to eat this Passover with you 
before I suffer:

       a. Jesus told the disciples that He desired to have a
           fellowship with the disciples.  Indeed, that he greatly
           desired to have that fellowship.
       b. I believe that Jesus still desires, as we do, to have a
           meal together.
           (1) Imagine what it will be like when we all get to heaven
                and have our first fellowship with every saint ever
                saved and with the Lord Himself!
           (2) Jesus' first desire was fulfilled that night long ago.
   2. A Historic Meal Shared  \\#Ex 12:7-11\\
       a. I understand that Jews today celebrate a Sedar Meal.
           (1) It is what they call the Passover meal but it is not
                like the one the Bible speaks of in Exodus.
           (2) I imagine it changed over the centuries and the
                captivities, but I expect that Jesus had a meal much
                more as the Bible declared it should be.
           (3) I will call that the Historic Passover Meal. 
       b. The historic Passover meal likely would not have been the
            main meal but a meal of remembrance.  
       c. It would have been a meal of bitter herbs, spices, juice or
           wine, and a roasted lamb.
       d. It would have been eaten in haste, with your shoes still on
           your feet and with a staff in hand.
       e. It believe it would have been eaten standing.
       f. Jesus likely at this first with all twelve Jewish
   3. A Service Rendered 
        a. Then at some point, Jesus rose up to do what a servant
            should have done. 

John 13:4  He riseth from supper, and laid aside 
his garments; and took a towel, and girded 
5  After that he poureth water into a bason, and 
began to wash the disciplesí feet, and to wipe 
them with the towel wherewith he was girded.

        b. We do not know the order in which Jesus washed the
            disciples' feet, but I feel certain something happened
            with two set of feet.
            (1) Peter forbade to let Jesus wash his feet.  Of course
                 Jesus corrected Peter and Peter did allow his feet
                 to be washed.
            (2) But Jesus also came to Judas.
                 (a) Judas who had already agreed to sell Jesus to
                      the religious leaders.
                 (b) Judas who already had the thirty pieces of
                      silver in his pocket.
                 (c) Judas who thought he had kept everything a
                 (d) I believe Jesus never stopped looking into
                      Judas' eyes. 
   4. A Statement Made
        a. They had returned to the table and were likely eating a
            normal meal, when Jesus said something that stopped them

Matt 26:21  And as they did eat, he said, Verily 
I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

        b. With astonishment, they all asked, "Is it I?"
        c. Jesus answered with a simple sign.
            (1) He passed sop to Judas.
            (2) I do not know when it became too late for Judas.
                 (a) It was his choice to betray Jesus.
                 (b) It was not "pre-determined" by God.
                 (c) But at some point, it becomes too late to undo
                      what you have done.
                 (d) I wonder if it was now.
   5. A Soul Departed \\#John 13:30\\

Joh 13:30  He then having received the sop went 
immediately out: and it was night.

    6. A Last Loaf and Cup Passed
        a. The meal, both the historic Passover meal and a normal
            meal, were finished, but there was still a loaf of bread
            and perhaps a fresh cup.
        b. Perhaps Jesus has set them apart.
        c. Jesus reached for the loaf and gave a special prayer over
            it, before passing it to His disciples.
            (1) He then explained to them that this was what would
                 happen to His body.  It would be broken and bruised.
            (2) Then they all ate it.
        d. Jesus took the cup, poured fruit from the vine into it 
            and blessed it.
            (1) Again, Jesus explained that this was His blood and
                 that it would take away sin.  
            (2) Then Jesus passed it around for the disciples to 
    7. A Prayer Shared
        a. Jesus prayed a rather long prayer for His disciples.
        b. It was for us too!   Jesus prayed...
            (1) \\#John 17:11\\ That we be kept.
            (2) \\#John 17:17\\ That we be sanctified.
            (3) \\#John 17:21\\ That we be united.
            (4) \\#John 17:24\\ That we be with Him.
    8. A Short Journey Across Kedron 

John 18:1  When Jesus had spoken these words, he 
went forth with his disciples over the brook 
Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he 
entered, and his disciples.

        a. There was a garden of Olive trees over there.
        b. There still is and some of the trees date back to before
            Jesus' birth!  
        c. Once there the eleven were divided into two groups, one
            of eight, one of three (Peter, James, and John).
        d. Then Jesus moved off to pray:

Lu 22:42  Saying, Father, if thou be willing, 
remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my 
will, but thine, be done.

    9. The guards coming with lanterns, spears, swords, ropes.
        a. It appears that no one knew who Jesus was except for one.
        b. Judas had come with them and marked their victim with a
        c. Jesus asked who they came to arrest and when they told
            Him "Jesus of Nazareth," He answered "I am He."
        d. When He did, the power of His words knocked them
        e. He asked the same question again and got the same answer.
            (1) When Jesus answered this time, no one fell.
            (2) But Jesus made a request that the others might be
                 allowed to leave.   
   10. A short skirmish
        a. The Bible does not say how it started.
            (1) It could have been someone on either side, but I
                 wonder if it was Peter.
            (2) The disciples did not have but two swords and Peter
                 would surely be carrying one of them!
        b. There was only one injury for Jesus' voice rang out clear
            and loud, "Stop.  Put away your swords.  Those that live
            by the sword die by the sword." 
   11. Jesus touching the ear, and healing him.  \\#Luke 22:51\\
        a. Then Jesus probably extended His hands to His arresters
            to allow them to die Him.
        b. When He did so, the eleven fled with such haste that one
            ran out of his coat!    
   12. A tight rope and Jesus being lead as lamb to the slaughter.
   13. A cruel trial, an absent defense, a cat of nine tails, a
        purple robe, a crown of thrones.
   14. A cross beam carried, a set of nails driven, a slow and painful
   15. A body cleansed, a tomb closed, a silent three days.
   16. The earth quaking, the guards trembling, a stone rolling, an
        angel descending, a group of ladies gathering, and my Lord

Tonight, I remember!

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